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We have beeing producing content throughout the past three years allowing us to provide a channel with useful information and content on GPS navigation as well bike modification for traveling and offroad riding.


Feel invited to visit our channel, subscribed our content and being always informed when new content is available.

Latest Video

Quo Navigas GPS

Quo Navigas GPS is a youtube series on current topics about and around GPS navigation for traveling and offroad riding by motorcycle.


Riding the roads less traveled is what we are interested and therefore focusing on state-of-the-art, upcoming and future solutions for GPS navigation.


Therefore we report about hardware devices, applications and plattforms which can be used for this purpose as well on how to use them best and unveiling how things really work.

Quo Navigas GPS? Youtube series explained in a three minutes video:

locus map

A huge variety of different navigation apps are offered especially for the field of (rugged) Android based smart devices and tablets.


Throughout many years Locus Map has turned out as of the best offering a richest set of functionalities and ability to use up to 12 different maps file formats.


We have gained lots of experience in best ways to configure and use Locus Map for motorbike travling and offroad riding. Key topics are provided as how-to videos on our channel.

drive mode Dashboard

Drive Mode Dashboard is founded on an Android based cockpit for AJP Moto PR7 and was developed by João Pereira as one of the best application launchers available for motorbike riding.


In 2018 we have proposed Jan Balada to contact João and team up for developing and providing specific apps for Carpe Iter.


This corporation did not only result in very useful specific apps but as well in an intensified development of Drive Mode Dashboard offering today functionalities such as Eletronic Rally Roadbook support.

Your are interested in use a rugged Android based device for participating in a hobby or amateur rallye using an Electronic Rally Roadbook?


See the video for first information and have a look on the Eletronic Rally Roadbook Project on Facebook.

More and more rally organized offer their roadbook in eletronic pdf file format enabling pariticpants to use an eletronic rally roadbook solution.

Carpe Iter Pad & Remote

Rugged Android Devices start at price of one hundred Euros and outperform classic legacy GPS navigation devices very fast.


Jan Balada has started to develop a professional Android based hardware and software solution for motorbike riding in 2017 resulting in the Carpe Iter Pad V1, CI Remote control and power enabled holder at the beginning of 2018.


Meanwhile Carpe Iter offers V4 of the pad, improved power enabled holder, a second type of controller the Terrain Command as well powerful integration apps to use them best.


Important to unveil Carpe Iter Remote and Terrain Comman are compatible with any other Android Smartphone and Pad as well.