The deepest form of knowing is still love. Love what you do. Do it with passion. Passion drives credibility and credibility drives business. We offer rich experiences and knowledge in various and diverse fields. Feel free to drop us a message.

Senior project management

IPMA Level B certified project management with more that a decade of experience, last re-certified in September 2018.

Creativity - Transform Ideas to Products

Our understanding of a design process starts with understanding, diving into the customers role, observe, achieving user intimacy and develop an idea through the phases of defining a point of view, ideate, dream, prototype and test new ideas.


Find the roads and track less travel through breathtaking landscape and embedded in wonderful hospitality. Loving to travel and having scouted tracks in different regions we provide own methodology to develop a new traveler's adventure.


We love to share our passion. Guiding and helping others to enter the world of motorcycle adventure travling as a guide or just mate and sharing all knowledge and experiences.


Sharing expiernce and knowledge through providing best practise and story telling around motorcycles, traveling and navigation.

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