Jakob Weinknecht

I am traveling by motorbike since 2001 preferring not saturated countries, remote tracks, roads less travel far away from touristic hotpots through breathtaking landscapes,


And I love sharing and spreading by knowledge and experience in context to motorcycles, traveling, gear. I do this on all kinds of communication channels from the beer at the bar to social media channels, working, events, trainings or exhibitions.


I have always been into motorcycles, traveling and publishing. Not surprising I am active as journalist for the well known Austrian motorcycle magazine Der Reitwagen. My main fields of work are traveling, rally, adventure and navigation.




Senior ProjeCT Manager & Solution Architect

It is not easy to found all your costs just from living my passion. As well I am also very interested in industrial manufacturing and process industries.


In strong relation to my passion for traveling and foreign countries I love to work with different cultures and nations.

So I am working as Senior Project Manager and Solution Architect at ASTA Energy Transformation Systems, a company group within Montana Tech Components.


Long ago during my studies I was working as scientific employee at university. I love to teach, traing and develop others further so I am active as lecturer at different universities.


State of the art technologies and software have changed the tools being used for planning and running travel and navigation.


I provide trainings on how to use this tools best and share all the experiences and knowledge I have gathered since 2002 when I bought my first Garmin Street Pilot III Deluxe.

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Jakob Weinknecht

Krötzlergasse 8

1110 Wien