Quo Navigas GPS?

Youtube - der.weinknecht

Private GPS devices exist since the beginnings of the 1990s. By beginning of the 2000s we have been use our first GPS device, are Garmin Street Pilot 3 deluxe with motorbike holder made by Touratech.


Since then electronics went through a sweeping development today providing GPS enabled rugged smart devices offering functionalities going far beyond legacy GPS devices.


The Quo Navigas GPS series on the Youtube channel Der.Weinknecht focuses on these segments sharing insights, knowledge and how-to´s for using Android based smart devices for traveling GPS navigation.


Sharing understanding and knowledge is an interactive and social process. We provide on-site and online workshops for learning, fostering and deepening the information and knowledge shared on the youtube channels.


These workshops are conducted in small groups ranging from five to a maximum of eight participants allowing to respond to each participants needs and questions.


The workshops have the clear concept of providing a setting in which participants can draw all their questions they always wanted to ask.